Laura Secord’s Brave Walk

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Series: Picture Books
Publisher: Toronto: Second Story Press, 2000.
Cover Art:  June Lawrason
Summary: This picture book tells the story of Laura’s fearlessness in her journey to warn Lieutenant FitzGibbon of a secret attack. Today, Laura Secord’s name remains legendary because of her courageous act.

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On the Our Choice list of the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in 2001


Laura Secord is a legendary figure in Canadian history (as well as being the Queen of the Chocolate Box), but does anyone know exactly what she did? Connie Brummel Crook, the author of a number of books of historical fiction, sets the record straight in her vivid rendering of Laura’s brave feat during the War of 1812. One of the best things about this book is the context of home, husband and children from which Laura operates. It makes an ordinary woman’s heroism, her walk to warn the British of an attack planned by the Americans, just that much more inspiring.
— Susan Perren, The Globe and Mail, Saturday, November 11, 2000

…it would be a shame to limit Laura Secord’s Brave Walk to a… young readership. The story is complex enough to involve older readers. With intermediate students, teachers could very effectively use this as a read-aloud to introduce the War of 1812 and stimulate discussion about battlefield conditions then as well as the effects of war on families.
— Barbara Greenwood, Quill & Quire, January 2001



“Laura,” James Secord said, “I must help fight to save our country. General Brock needs more soldiers; I will be one of them.”

“Laura was very sad when her husband said this, but she replied, “Be careful. Here, take my locket to remember me when you are in battle.”

It was June 1812, and a great fear had fallen over Upper and Lower Canada. The United States to the south had just declared war on the young British colony. People everywhere were preparing for battle and protecting their homes and forts.

War did come and the Secords were right in the middle of the battle on Queenston Heights.

“Mama, Mama,” little Charles cried out in fright from his box-bed in the hall. Laura grabbed Appy from her cradle and rushed to Charles and her older daughters, Mary, Charlotte and Harriet.

“Hurry,” she said as she led them down to the dug-out cold cellar below their house.

She lit a candle and set it on a high shelf. “You’ll be safe here,” she said, trying to comfort her frightened children.

Then she climbed back up the steep ladder to the hallway above. Cannons and muskets roared deafeningly all around. Laura sat in the darkness and prayed for James.