The Historical Years in Upper Canada

THE HUNGRY YEAR: Toronto: Stoddart Kids Publishing, 2001. A twelve-year old immigrant girl and her four-year-old twin brothers face storms and starvation in 1787/1788 – documented by Historians as Canada’s Hungry Year.

THE PERILOUS YEAR: Markham: Fitzhenry and Whiteside, 2003. The Hungry Year is long past, and to Alex and Ryan, the winter they and their elder sister Kate nearly died, is no more than a dim memory and a family story. They’re nearly men now–twelve years old and ready for more than the backbreaking chores Father has them slaving at, morning ’til night. They want a little adventure!

MARY’S WAY: Markham: Scholastic Canada Ltd., 2008. The Way family, driven from their comfortable home in New York State, are now in the year 1784 living in a tent at the Refugee Camp, set up by the British at Machiche, Quebec. Winter is coming. How will they all survive?


NO SMALL VICTORY: Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2010. A depression story set in 1936 at Lang, Ontario. Bonnie, the new kidin the one-room schoolhouse meets local bullies, an unsympathetic teacher, and new best friends, while her family are coping with the challenge of making do with less. A story of courage, community, and determination.