The Perilous Year

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Series: Historical Upper Years in Canada (Ontario)
Publisher: Markham: Fitzhenry and Whiteside , 2003.
Cover Art:  David Craig
Summary: The Hungry Year is long past, and to Alex and Ryan, the winter they and their elder sister Kate nearly died is no more than a dim memory and a family story. They’re nearly men now–twelve years old and ready for more than the backbreaking chores Father has them slaving at, morning ’til night. Kate is still an important part of this story and though not the main character, she leads an interesting life too — woven into the boys’ adventures.

Then their familiar world is shaken by two shocks delivered one after the other. Still reeling, first Alex, then Ryan stumbles into the adventure they longed for . Their success makes them confident when a third trial knocks at their door–perhaps too confident, for they soon find themselves in deadly peril!

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Tied for Children’s Novel Award for Word Guild 2004

On Canadian Children’s Book Centre’s Our Choice list 2004