The Meyers’ Saga

FLIGHT: Toronto: Stoddart Publishing, 1991. This book tells the story of the Meyers family’s harrowing escape from enemy forces during the American Revolutionary War to a new life in Canada.

MEYERS’ CREEK: Toronto: Stoddart Kids Publishing, 1995. In 1786, the realities that face newly settled United Empire Loyalist families in Canada are harsh. In the continuation of the Meyers family saga that began with the first novel FLIGHT, Mary the central character must come to terms with danger, the survival of her family, and love.

MEYERS’ REBELLION: Markham: Fitzhenry & Whiteside, 2006. 3rd in saga – about the Meyers in the Rebellions of 1837, 38. Meyers’ Rebellion, the third in the Meyers saga, is centred around John, a fifteen-year-old grandson of John W. Meyers, founder of Belleville, Ontario. Back in 1837, nothing is simple and things get ugly when John finds himself embroiled in the Upper Canada Rebellion under the leadership of the fiery William Lyon Mackenzie himself. Though their father Jacob tries to stop it, one by one all the Meyers boys throw their support on the Reformers’ side. With pretty Nan Burditt’s help, John is able to follow his brothers to a small island in Canadian/US waters, the site of another rebels’ skirmish. On the side, he’s always on the lookout for the legendary Silver Cave – for which a few Meyers have already lost their lives.