The Nellie McClung Trilogy



NELLIE L: Toronto: Stoddart Publishing, 1994. Who was Nellie L.? None other than Nellie Mooney – later Nellie McClung – a Manitoba farm girl who became Canadas’s most famous pioneer for women’s rights. In this book, meet Nellie L. at the age of ten, plotting to run a race with the boys – absolutely unheard of in Canada in the 1880’s. Then follow her fight to overcome the criticism of her mother and the prejudices of society to help Canadian women.

NELLIE’S QUEST: Toronto: Stoddart Kids Publishing, 1998. The second in the Nellie McClung trilogy, where Nellie is teaching school near home and she begins her life’s work to help women. Also, the romance between Nellie and Wes McClung begins.

NELLIE’S VICTORY: Toronto: Stoddart Kids Publishing, 1999. The third in the Nellie McClung trilogy, where Nellie helps women win the vote. She is also a best-selling author, and a devoted wife, and mother of five children.